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Strategies and Odds

Online blackjack winning involves more of strategy and less of luck. The advanced strategies of the game can help you maintain an edge over the other players and be a leader all the way. If you are aware of the elementary principles of card counting in blackjack then the following advanced principles shall be immensely useful for you.

Online Vegas Casino is one exciting casino for trying your luck at blackjack using these advanced strategies. Whether you are playing just for fun sake or for winning big money, this online casino is one of the best available today.

Strategies of online blackjack

Strategy no 1: Time the insurance appropriately

If the dealer deals an Ace you can be rest assured that there are a number of 10's still there in the deck and it would be a good time to opt for insurance.

Strategy no 2: With 16 opt for a stand

Under normal conditions you would choose to opt for a hit when you have totalled 16 compared to the dealer who's showing his up-card to be anything from 7 to Ace. But in case the card count for 10 is +ve then it would be wise to stand on 16 opposing the dealer's 10. As per statistics of blackjack, this strategy has proven to be more successful than hitting.

Strategy no 3: With a 15 opt for a stand

In case the count exceeds 4 then you should opt for standing on 15 opposing the dealer's up card of 10.

Strategy no 4: Judge the right time to split

Be able to judge when you should split at the right time. If you observe that the dealer has shown a six then it is not going too great for him. Also if there are more than 5 10's left behind in the deck then also it is quite bad for the dealer and it would be a good move to slit your 20. All those 10's are going to be doomsday for the dealer anyways. Even if that does not happen then you would be able to hit more 20's after splitting the 10.

Strategy no 5: Judge when to split the 2nd time

If the dealer shows a 5 up card then you should split under some specific conditions. But be ready with a good count of 10's as this is quite an aggressive and risky move. You are looking at minimum 6 10's and praying for the dealer to go bust.