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Blackjack Rules

Stand game play follows the rules of casinos of Atlantic City and also Las Vegas. Blackjack rules vary in casinos and because of this it has become very difficult to understand the difficult strategy of black rules.

But many common moves that are the basic rules are followed in all the casinos. Mostly bigger casinos follow rules that are similar to those being followed in Los Vegas and also in A.C. Adequate information about strategy tables applicable for a specific casino can be obtained by visiting Blackjack Info. This is a site which is able to provide customized table.

General rules

  • The blackjack aims at beating the hand of the dealer without reaching 21.
  • The value of face cards is 10 and that of aces are 1 to 11 whichever a better hand is.
  • The game is started by each player with two cards. Dealer's one card is hidden till the end.
  • Asking for another card is called to "hit". 'Stand' means to keep your entire total and finish your chance turn.
  • If you cross 21, you burst. The dealer stands to win irrespective of the cards in the dealer's hand.
  • You get blackjack in case you deal over 21 from the beginning (Ace and 10).
  • When you win blackjack it generally means that you win one and a half times of your betting amount. But this will depend on casinos.
  • Dealer will hit till her/his cards sum up to 17 or more.
  • Doubling is similar to hit. You get just one more card on getting the bet doubled.
  • Splitting can be done only when you are in possession of two same cards. Pair gets split in two hands.
  • The bet gets doubled in splitting because every new hand equals original bet.
  • Double/splits can be done by you on first move only or also in the first move of the hand that had been created by split.
  • After the two aces are split, you cannot continue playing on them.
  • You are allowed to double on hand, created from split, quadrupling / tripling your bet.