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In blackjack there have been very few people who have attained fame and fortune that is talked of to date. Let's have a look at some renowned names in the history of blackjack irrespective of whether they are experts or novices and whether their wins were colossal or not so enormous.

Famous names

  • Erica Schoenberg, better known as the blackjack babe, is one such name etched in the name of blackjack history. She has also played poker but is known more for blackjack.
  • Ken Uston is another renowned blackjack player who is known for his flamboyant character and distinguished playing.
  • James Grosjean is a veteran blackjack trouper and an excellent card counter. His renowned lawsuit against various casinos made him known all over the world. The order "Beyond Counting" has also been written by him. He then became synonymous with press card counting that is not appreciated by real casinos but is acceptable in online casinos.
  • The host of the famous annular event of Blackjack Ball, Max Rubin, is also the writer of "Comp See". He is a well known face in blackjack and also participates in various commentary shows on television on casino games.
  • Henry Tamburin has authored numerous gambling books including some on strategies for blackjack games.
  • Russ Hamilton built the popular Eventual Blackjack Tour that is greatly admired.
  • Sam Vaughn is also a prominent name in blackjack and he has millions to his name thanks to his blackjack winnings. These recognized blackjack players have brought enthusiasm in the game and the newbies are trying their best to master the game.
  • Richard Munchkin, Tommy Hyland and Ken Einiger are another few blackjack players worth mentioning.
  • Richard Munchkin's a prominent better and an enigmatic personality. In the year 2005, Ken Einiger was the winner of the 7th heaven Blackjack Champion rubric. Tommy Hyland is managing a blackjack team that is all set to be amongst the best.

Get your facts clear

Irrespective of these names mentioned above do not be under the illusion that your name would be mentioned along with these stalwarts. These were all players in real casinos and not online casino players.