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Blackjack Cheating

Casinos follow different rules. It thus becomes very difficult to learn blackjack strategy. Majority of casinos follow similar rules and these don't differ in various big casinos. Many persons prefer to cheat while playing blackjack. Blackjack guide attempts to put you wise on how to catch the cheater but certainly not to assist you in cheating.

How they cheat

If you have decided to cheat always remember that there would always be video camera surveillance for catching the cheat. Normally hidden cards are pinned to cards being played and these are moved to right players. This may not work because dealers are aware of it and would be looking for it. He may call card down on seeing cards under table. To have cards under table is considered poor etiquette.

Still the players are able to cheat successfully while working with the dealer. However many cheating options are available. These are available on many sites too. It must be understood that dealers are very capable in blackjack. They gain expertise in the game and are able to manage the game themselves to decide who would be the winner. Thus the players who join hands with the dealer are cheaters who would make money.

Lance Humble, blackjack connoisseur claims that the dealer always has the inclination towards cheating for casino. This would be particularly visible when dealer has had bad runs and tries to compensate for losses.

Casinos and Crime

Earlier casinos were generally linked to crimes and tales how a particular player just walked into the casino and won a huge amount, were spread by casino owners to attract players. The dealers dealt themselves bad cards to ensure that the cheats won. It was worth it and mafia members paid off well.

Another famous tale is regarding a dealer who was irritated with an annoying player, that the player was dealt a number of bad hands. What is interesting is that this specific player, who was irritable and not liked by many, finally got in the end what he deserved. Lesson learnt is that in this game of blackjack "good ones" survive and "bad ones" finally get ruined.

Black jack has become popular because of increasing number of casinos offering this game. The game is, however, quite damaging to many players as they lose more then they earn.