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About Blackjack Basic Strategy: Find Your Success Formula

It's not a secret that many of casino games are based on a certain strategy. Blackjack is based on a strategy that really works, helping the gamblers to increase their chances on winning. The blackjack strategy consists only of pure mathematical calculations and checking, whilst the impact of luck is miserable.

Blackjack Strategy

When using the basic blackjack strategy correctly, it lowers the house edge to its pure minimum.

When different variants of blackjack is played, whether its land-based casino blackjack or online free blackjack - the basic strategy varies slightly.

The purpose of blackjack basic strategy is to provide your game a long term. The house edge under the using of basic blackjack strategy must be reduced to 0,5% or even lower. You can find blackjack basic charts with calculated and analyzed moves on each situation and hand you may have during the card game. They are quite common, though they work on you if read them correctly.

Basic Moves

The basic strategy in blackjack implies the next moves in the game:

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Split
  • Double down
  • H/R - Surrender if it is possible. If not - hit.
  • H/P - If possible to double down after a split - then split. Otherwise draw the next card.

Let's have a look on a Doubling down option. The rule of doubling down your bets works not always, but due to casino policies. Some of them allow using this move, for example, after splitting; others don't.

It's all about money

To have a taste of what basic strategy is - find the so-called strategy charts or card counting charts, where every move is mentioned to increase your chances on winning. Depending on the decisions you make following these charts - the house edge increases or falls accordingly.

The whole game of Blackjack depends on the dealer's face card. The aim of the basic strategy is to show you how to win, knowing only one dealer's card. Isn't this incredible?

The blackjack basic strategy is estimated on your and dealer's cards. Your goal is to learn the strategy and practice it as often as you are able, in order to play the blackjack for money and certainly not to lose them. Ask someone to control your skills, let him be a dealer. Notice every your mistake in order to prevent them in future in the real blackjack game.