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There are blackjack dealer schools that teach future dealers their profession. Due to Internet the courses can even be done online. There are thousands blackjack dealer schools all over the world, so you don't need to travel somewhere abroad.
But remember that the occupation of a dealer is not as easy as it seems to be first. Be careful and sure about what you exactly want. You should know all game rules and strategies even better that professional players know. Besides, you have to be able to shuffle cards in different ways, but you will be able to learn how to do that in dealer school. But no one will teach you how to be attentive and observant, so if you so not have these traces of character – it will be very difficult for you to be a good dealer.

Blackjack Chart of Odds and Strategies

Modern world allows us to do everything we want any time this desire appears. And casino gambling is one of those things, which are available today each second! You just have to choose online casinos with a couple clicks of your mouse and start making bets. Just 20 years ago it would sounds impossible, but today we all know that impossible is nothing, especially if you are Internet user. Thousands of games are available today at casino online, and you can choose any of them to play. Besides, these games could be played in different modes, including flash games which do not require registration and money deposits.

Of course, the most popular casino games can easily be found at the internet, especially games of poker, slot machines, roulette. And blackjack can be played today not only at the overcrowded halls of casinos, but also when you are at the way to your job or home. Just install the software and you may play your favorite game!

Blackjack is the game of skills which is based on mathematics and thus possible to win using even some basic knowledge of the game. Here you will find all necessary material for successful blackjack gambling. Many blackjack gamblers devoted their lives to the development of blackjack strategies and systems which would help to improve chances for winning.

Blackjack has many rules and game peculiarities which make it one of the best casino games all over the world. Due to the game mechanics, any of players can use different game methods and strategies to make the winning odds bigger. Nevertheless, the game can easily be played without usage of some strategies, and that’s also rather good for everyone who does not want to spend a lot of time learning complicated articles and practicing gambling skills.

Many strategies are devoted exactly to the issue of beating the dealer. Playing blackjack you play not against other players, you play against the dealer and your aim is to have more points, than he has. But remember, this number should not exceed 21, as in this case you will bust. Some people think that it is very easy to play blackjack and we may agree with them, as when you use strategies, your gambling becomes not very complicated, as you should not make decisions by yourself.

Blackjack allows different options for players, even an option of choosing various methods for playing the game. If you do not want to make suppositions and just play – choose blackjack basic strategy for gambling. It will be good for all variations of games blackjack: basic strategy is also a basement for every professional gambler, and it is usually used by new blackjack gamblers. The only thing, which you need to use this strategy, is to be able to pay attention your hand and dealer’s up card. Everything which is left to be done is to look through special table, where all the decisions are indicated.

Basic blackjack strategy is known as one of the easiest ways to play blackjack, although one of the most working ones. Of course, it does not give players a 100% guarantee of winning the game, but it still has some good features, for example, you may use it when playing at online casinos!

The other blackjack strategy, which is also very popular is card counting, which is a more advanced system of blackjack play though the rules of the game do not change anyhow here. You should be really attentive if you choose this strategy to implement, as this strategy will be beneficial only in that case, if you understand which cards are left in the shoe. And in order to do that, you have to trace not only those cards, which are dealt for you, but also which are dealt to other players. This strategy is loved due to the high percentage of winning is gives to a player. Unfortunately, card counting cannot be implemented during the online game, but it is appreciated during tournaments. All the professional players are card counters and once you master this strategy, you will be able to play with better chances to win!

Blackjack is really simple and interesting game to play, if you understand how to do that. Learning some of the game tips and rules will be enough to get acquainted with some basics. Do not be shy to try free blackjack first even if you think you know all the aspects of the game perfectly: practice is always the best advice for those ones who dream of big winnings. Do not forget that the more you play blackjack, the better player you become. Try different blackjack variants to experience the best gambling in your life and do not forget to get your bonus when register at one of the online casinos!

Basic Strategy

Blackjack basic strategy is a must-know for every gambler who wants to be a pro of the game.


Online Game

Online blackjack is something you should try if you are interested in this game of skills.



Being a very popular casino game, blackjack attracts many cheaters who try to beat it illegally.


When you play online multiplayer blackjack, do not forget about bonuses online casinos should propose you for your gambling there. The main thing is to understand these bonuses and use them correctly. It can also be not easy to claim those bonuses of the game; so, learn all aspects attentively.


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